Your left brain is cold and rational. Once the video is played, move your left hand to trigger your left brain's interpretation of the videoclip.
Your right brain is intuitive and conditioned by your education and memories. Once the video is played, move your right hand to trigger your right brain's interpretation of the videoclip.
Boys Noize and Pilo - Cerebral
Our vision comes from a complementarity between our left brain and our right brain. The right brain treats the information in an intuitive way, while the other is more cartesian. Our right lobe manages our emotions, our feelings, our human part. The left lobe calculates, analyzes, decodes. What would happen if we could shut down one of our brains, to only see through the intuitive part, or the cartesian part? Cerebral allows the spectator to only use one lobe. By moving his left hand, he reveals the rational part of the video. By moving his right hand, he has access to the intuitive part. The spectator realizes the different interpretations that he can generate. He is invited to think about his cerebral capacities and the different aspects of his intelligence.